Official Rules of The Sacramento Coin Hunt

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  1. Must be 18 years or older to redeem gold or silver prizes unless accompanied by an of age legal guardian
  2. There is no cost or obligation to participate
  3. Club members or their families are not eligible to participate
  4. To know when and where coins are being dropped, follow us on our Facebook Page or allow notifications from this website
  5.  You are not obligated in any way to sell your findings to our club or anyone at our show
  6. To redeem, bring specially marked coin to our coin show (map it here) on either April 27, or 28th or bring to one of our club meetings (see below)


  1. We will have only 12 (twelve) “specially marked” coins
  2. Each of the twelve “specially marked” coins are labeled with a tamper proof and “numbered” hologram sticker.
  3. Prizes will be awarded only to those who have our verifiable “specially marked” coins. 
  4. Only upon personal inspection and verification of these coins will prizes be awarded.
  5. Each of these “specially marked” coins have unique predetermined  tracking numbers that are associated with each of the twelve prizes.

The Individual “Redeem” Numbers Are:

  1. 586588
  2. 586589
  3. 586590
  4. 586591
  5. 586593
  6. 586594
  7. 586595
  8. 586596
  9. 586597
  10. 586598
  11. 586599
  12. 586600



  1. Redemption for prizes “after” the show must be made at one of our coin club meetings on or before July 24, 2019. See our meeting times and location here

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