Coin Drop

The Dropping Of Scarce Coins Has Ended. For Now ūüėČ

Thank you Sacramento for participating with us in our effort to help promote the coin collecting hobby.

We hope you found some of the treasures we dropped!
A special thanks to all of our local media networks for getting the word out.

Always Check The Change In Your Pockets…

1) Be on the look out for all of the scarce coins and currency that was put into Sacramento circulation recently. It can be worth up to 10 times its face value and maybe more.

2) Only two of the twelve specially marked coins were turned in so far, one person won one of the gold coin coins. Take a look.


3) There are still many specially marked coins out there, one redeemable for a 1/4 ounce Gold Eagle and many others that are redeemable for 1 ounce a Silver Eagle coin provided by: A&D Coin And Jewelry

4) Redemption for these remaining prizes must now be made at one of our coin club meetings on or before July 24, 2019. (see rules here) and See our meeting times and location here

5) When you find one of these specially marked coins you can let us know by emailing us at:

6) The Sacramento Valley Coin Club will be promoting coin hunts in the future throughout the Sacramento area so stay tuned…

For those of you who may have also entered the additional contest, though we thank you for participating; due to point requirements and/or proximity qualifications, we have no winners for that contest (find out more here).

Thanks again for making The Sacramento Coin Hunt such a great success. And stay tuned to find out further details on upcoming events and other future coin hunts. Be sure to follow us on Facebook.