Category: Coin Hunt 2019

Easter Bunny Was Busy Dropping Coins Today…

The Easter Bunny very busy was dropping coins & treasures ALL OVER Sacramento & West Sacramento today!

  • A 1922D silver dollar at Walgreens on 4331 Antelope Rd.
  • Smart & Final on Watt Ave (old copper)
  • Mobile Station on Fulton (Buffalo Nickels)
  • Taco Bell on Watt Ave (silver coins)
  • Mel’s Diner 30th & Jst (Buffalo Nickel)
  • The Delta King at The Old Sac Waterfront (pile of wheat cents)
  • The River Walk in West Sacramento (V Nickel)


Buffalo Nickels At Starbucks

Buffalo Nickels dropped “literally” on the floor of Starbucks Coffee at the Glenn Dairy Building 1700 Alhambra Blvd & N Street.


Placerville Antiques Gives Out Scarce Coins As Change

The owners of Placerville Antiques is doling out old US coins as change as purchases are made at their store. Stop by during their business hours and when you buy something, be sure to look at the change they give you… There’ll be Standing Liberty quarters, Mercery Dime’s, old Wheat cents and more.

If you’re in or near Placerville, stop on by and say hi. Here’s a map of where it’s located.